Working with an organisational psychologist and a small group of executives, we examine how you can find alternative ways to deal with the challenges you face as a leader.

Your benefits
On the Accelerated personal transition course, we focus on how you can make best use of your strengths to achieve your business goals. For example, we work with how you make decisions and participate in decision making processes. We also look at your collaboration style and how you as an executive influence the way your organisation works. The benefits you achieve will be highly individual as we use YOU as the starting point.

Accelerated personal transition unlocks new ways of understanding how you can actively use your leadership skills to do something different in your organisation. And of course, always focusing on the objective of helping you create the results you need.

In addition to two complete days at CfL with other top executives, you take part in five 90 minute sparring sessions with an organisational psychologist. This time can either be spent alone with the organisational psychologist or you can involve him/her in some of your daily work activities. This could be a work meeting, a management meeting or another occasion where you interact with others that gives an understanding of you and your leadership style that can be used for further discussion.

Accelerated personal transition participants
Participants have a role in their organisation that is characterised by its:
- Strategic responsibility
- High complexity of leadership tasks
- Need to consider the complete business and the importance of interaction between divisions/departments
- Need to integrate functions, plans and strategy

Typically participants lead a management team and are often directors or heads of division, vice directors or CEOs.

The programme is part of the CfL Executive Business Master Certificate.

Members: 59.000 kr. / Others: 69.500 kr. (ex. vat)

The next programme is: We are flexible regarding dates and start up continuously throughout the year