Skill and Consideration Tests

Tool Measurements

CfL’s skill and consideration tests consist of a number of tools which measure various, specific skills as well as analytical abilities.

The skill tests measure the learned skills in solving basic analytical assignments such as calculation, language skills and diligence.

The consideration tests show a test person’s ability to analyse more complex assignments and use the analytical results to find the correct answer.

The tests consist of assignments with solutions demanding consideration and analytical abilities, common knowledge, calculation abilities, language skills, perception of space, vocabulary, and
attention skills. Both types of tests provide you with a result which shows you how well the person can solve the given assignments in comparison to a relevant group of equivalence.

CfL’s skill and consideration tests include the following instruments:

The Attention Test requires a test person’s thoroughness and shows the level of understanding numbers as well as letters within a time limit.

The Vocabulary Test indicates a test person’s vocabulary and understanding.

The Calculation Test I & II present a number of specific math assignments.The assignments are at the level of 9th/10th grade with increasing difficulty level.

The Spelling Test shows the test person’s spelling skills.

Consideration I (theoretical) consists of a problem-solving assignment which shows how well the test person can do the assignment which requires consideration, understanding and analytical abilities.

Consideration II (practical) tests the level of problem-solving, spelling, attention and common knowledge.

It is the authorisation of Business Testing, module 1 and 2, which is required to use the CfL basic package consisting of ability and consideration tests.

How to use the tools

If you are to select the right person to a job which requires analytical skills and consideration, it is important to specify exactly which kind of analytical level is needed in this job. And thus, you select the relevant test(s).

The skill tests are typically used in connection with employment and selection of trainees, as well as warehouse, production and office staff.

The consideration tests are generally used in connection with employment and selection of office workers, specialists and managers. The consideration test is available in two versions, which look
alike, but one test is to a certain degree meant for employees doing more practical work.

What is in it for me?

The skill and consideration tests are in general good indicators regarding a person’s aptness to a specific job. This type of tools is found in a certain group of tests which are distinct by showing a high level of predicable validation, even when a job analysis (display of which competencies are relevant in the job) is not taking
place (Kahlke and Schmidt, 2003).