CfL today
CfL is a community for leaders wanting to work with development based on best practice. At its heart, CfL is a strong professional community of management specialists covering a wide range of leadership disciplines. CfL has about 70 employees, who help approx. 800 Danish public and private enterprises to learn from each other via CfL. CfL is an independent organisation, its mission being to strengthen the competitiveness of these enterprises through strong leadership.

Today we sell courses, networks and consultancy to leaders, and we have a well-developed palette of international and validated tools which we use for competence development by professional business consultants.

We have a particularly effective development palette and good partnerships with both business leaders and the media, enabling us to draw up themes of decisive importance for good leadership.

Holistic leadership
Our business model is based on a holistic principle of collaboration between our specialists and in partnership with the customer. Our consultancy is targeted at the manager’s and the enterprise’s current situation. We are not a course centre but a leadership centre that communicates via courses and programmes. We are not a networking centre but a leadership centre that conducts dialogue between its members via networks. We are a leadership centre with almost 100 years of experience at working with management.
Our vision is to develop exceptional leaders and organisations so they realise their full potential.