Appreciative leadership

Appreciative leadership - Create commitment, job satisfaction and better results

Appreciative leadership is one way of approaching the leadership tasks. By creating passion, courage and commitment amongst the employees you ensure the necessary energy that makes the organisation move toward a common goal.

Benefits from the course 

When attending Appreciative leadership you will learn to use the positive experiences in the organisation to create results and change. This is best done on the basis of the appreciative approach and by using success stories. 

We will work with communication, feedback, change, conflict handling, non-violent communication and behaviour etc. As a participant you will get both inspiration and specific instructions as how to develop your role as a manager as well as personally by using the appreciative approach.


What is appreciative leadership? 

  • Appreciative leadership: Introduction and background
  • The most important elements of appreciative leadership
  • Where and when to use appreciative leadership
  • Appreciative language, communication and feedback
  • What is the difference between appreciative communication and general communication?
  • Methods for appreciative communication
  • How to give appreciative feedback – how can it make a difference and when?
  • Creating changes
  • By using the Appreciative Inquiry we will look at how you can create change in your organisation
  • Appreciative conflict management and non-violent communication 

When shifting focus from blame, guilt and mistakes to needs, resources and possibilities we work with the appreciative approach and how this can assist in avoiding conflicts and create a constructive space for leadership.