BTB – CfL Personality Profile – 12 Factor

The Course

To participate in the authorisation course, you are required to have participated in and passed the Business Testing course, module 1 and 2, at CfL, or that you have the basic course in tests from Dansk Psykologisk
Forlag, SHL or Cubiks.

You get access to use BTB by participating in a 2+1-day authorisation course. You will be taught how to interpret profiles and perform feedback conversations, and additionally, you will learn how you can use the
tool in recruitment.

Between module 1 and 2, you are required to perform five exercise conversations.

Tool Measurements

BTB is a nuanced clarification of the test person’s preferences using 12 common personality features. The personality features makes it possible to give a reasonably nuanced description of the part of the personality which is relevant in connection with employment, redeployment and development.

BTB consists of a questionnaire with 132 word pairs, and the test person is asked to select one of the words in each word pair (obligatory), supplemented with eight open questions about point of view, motivation and strengths/weaknesses. The open questions help to clarify important elements in connection to the expectation level to the job (the psychological contract).

BTB is developed in cooperation with a number of senior staff managers and their need for a solid recruitment tool combined with the basic learning of humanist psychology as it is described
by Gordon W. Allport.

How to use the tool

BTB is a medium-size personality test which is particularly used when employing leaders and office managers as well as in connection with career planning where a nuanced description of the
personality is needed in determining future possibilities of the test person.

The BTB is structured and follows the same principals as the OTS, so based upon the test, a conversation takes place and the result gives the opportunity to present hypotheses and questions regarding
fundamental personal features which are to be clarified and explained in a dialogue with the test person.

The result shows how the test person prioritises the twelve personality features, compared to how other former test persons usually prioritise these features. Thus, you get a person profile which clearly reveals the characteristics of the test person.

BTB may be used separately, i.e. as the only test in a selection process, but it is considered a great advantage to combine it with one or more of CfL’s skill and consideration tests when an objective of
specific skills or analytical abilities is needed.

What is in it for me?

The profile with the twelve personality features and their mutual strengths compared to the answers to the eight open questions provides you with a nuanced image of the personality structure.
Thus, using BTB is a qualified way of which to describe a person according to a number of vital parameters. This description, intensified in conversations, is used in determining suitability and
potential in accordance with the criteria and possibilities that are in focus when employing or in connection with the test person’s development process toward new assignments and responsibilities.