The Building Trust program helps leaders and their team members to learn how to build trust in the workplace and how to repair when it’s been broken.

Mutual trust is the basis for open conversations on performance and development

Trust is the foundation in all types of relationships. Our Building Trust workshop helps you and your colleagues to identify actions which erode trust in the workplace. The program focusses on the specific behaviors that built trust – by building trust you increase commitment, creativity and creates a mutual understanding in your organization. We know that a work environment rooted in trust creates a healthy work environment, good intentions, an increase in collaborations, and ultimately it leads to better results for your organization.

The purpose of Building Trust

After participating in the Building Trust workshop, you will experience increased levels of collaboration, focus on risk-taking and increased efficiency. At the same time employee commitment and loyalty to your company increases.

The benefits of having trusting relationships in the organization are:

  • Increased performances – Employees have higher levels of commitment and give more discretionary effort.
  • Retain your talent – Employees are more likely to stay and endorse the company as a great place to work.
  • Drive creativity and innovation – Employees feel safe to communicate more openly, share their best ideas, and take initiative.  
  • Create collaboration – Colleagues and teams help each other and work together to get thing done.

When the trust is broken the work environment becomes toxic. Employees become stressed and work in silos. There is a low collaboration, and moral and productivity drop. If employees do not trust their colleagues or leaders, they will not perform to their potential. This can result in costly turnover for your company.

Our Building Trust workshop can help leaders and their team members learn how to build trust in the workplace and how to repair it when it has been broken.

Based on 30 years of research, our trust experts have developed a simple, yet powerful trust model that provides a common language and framework, focused on the specific behaviors that build trust.

Who can use Building Trust?

The workshop is suitable for employees, team leaders, leaders, top management and HR-consultants.

How do I gain access to Building Trust?

Building Trust can be structured as an internal workshop at your company. Internal HR / consultants buy the facilitation materials and facilitate the workshop internally.

The workshop can be structured as an independent workshop or as part of a longer course.

The course is also available as an open workshop at CfL – sign up on our website.

What is the price of Building Trust?

The open workshop at CfL:

Members: DKK 4.995,00 excl. VAT / Others: DKK 5.750,00 excl. VAT  

The price includes catering and materials for participants.

Facilitation materials for internal HR/consultants: DKK 3.750,00 excl. VAT (materials for participants has to be ordered separately).