Change management

Change management - Make changes apply faster and have more impact on the organisation

By attending the course you will learn how to create change in your organisation more quickly and how you as a manager or project manager improve your ability to reduce resistance and create new motivation and energy in your organisation.

The focus will be on how to lead the changes  and create commitment when strategies and plans are to be implemented.

Benefits from the course

We will provide you with specific tools to plan changes and your knowledge of handling resistance and turning it into new motivation and energy will increase. You will learn about effective communication and how to include your organisation in creating lasting changes. During the entire course you will work with your own change project.


  • The course is based on your current or future change project or challenge with managing change.
  • What to be aware of and what steps to take in order to manage and implement change?
  • What is resistance and how do you handle it?
  • How do you create motivation in a project or with regards to your specific challenge? 
  • How do you optimise the use of your available resources?

Throughout the entire course you will actively work with your own change project and you will learn from each other’s projects and challenges.