Coaching for managers

Bring out the best in your employees through coaching

During the course you will get knowledge of how to use coaching as a credible form of conversation in a manager-employee relationship, and you learn to use different coaching models that are promoting behavioral change and results.

Coaching is a leadership style that you can use to promote the development and independence of your employees and thus increase comfort and efficiency in your department.


The following themes will be addressed at the course:

• Coaching in theory and practice

• Coaching Method 1: Coaching on your goals

• Coaching Method 2: Action Promotional coaching

• Coaching Method 3: Coaching from the systemic approach

• Leadership and coaching

• The dilemma of leadership and coaching

• Stages in coaching

• Exercises in the various phases of coaching conversation

• To create trust and contact

• Interview Techniques

• Learning by doing

• Motivation, self-expression, responsibility and ownership

• Barriers and resistance

• The ongoing coaching an employee

• When is coaching banned? - The difficult conversation

• Limits of coaching

• Reflective team to support coaching

• The coach's own development