Are you looking for an impartial advisor who can shed new light on the executive challenges you face?

Then personal coaching could be the solution you need.

Coaching is a forward-looking and solution oriented process. The coach and coachee work together to find new perspectives on a specific problem and examine different options that can ensure clear choices and effective implementation. The task of the coach is to support this process through a qualified choice of approaches and methods that are relevant for the specific situation and individual.

The CfL coaching process is carried out by experienced business consultants within the field of organisational psychology. They are all well-grounded with an in-depth knowledge of the various theoretical directions and methods used in coaching.

The individual’s challenges and their link to the business always drive CfL’s coaching services. This ensures that both the executive as an individual, as well as the business and its goals are considered.
As part of the coaching process, the coach and coachee can agree to use some of CfL’s tests. The coaching process is always carried out with full confidentiality.

Members: DKK 22.500 / Others: DKK 26.500 (ex. vat)