From specialist to personnel manager

What made you a good specialist, does not necessarily make you a good leader.

You need to develop new skills and maybe there are things you need to stop doing to succeed as a new manager. The Programme From specialist to personnel Manager gives you practical management tools that can help you create results through your employees.

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Your benefits from the programme From specialist to personnel manager, you get an understanding of the various aspects of management. You identify your strengths seen in a management perspective and gain an understanding of your qualifications as a leader.

This programme provides practical management tools and methods to work with your leadership style. You develop your ability to communicate, delegate and motivate, and you become better at prioritising your time for management. You also learn to deal with difficult management situations. At the end you will know what good leadership requires of you.


Module 1

  • How do you prioritise the different aspects of your managerial tasks?
  • How does your personality relate to your leadership style and focus?
  • How do you bring a positive and constructive perspective on problem solving and feedback?
  • How do you manage your leadership responsibilities, and get time for management?
  • How do you identify what motivate your employees?
  • How do you use coaching in your leadership?
  • How to develop an action plan for implementation before Module 2

Module 2

  • Coaching on your plan of action 
  • How do you lead during change?
  • How do you deal with resistance to change?
  • How do you communicate in an assertive way?
  • How do you deal with the difficult conversation?
  • How should you grow as a leader in the future?

Structure of the programme

The programme is based on theory, research and practical exercises, and we are committed to train you in relevant management methods and tools, so that you are able to go straight home and do things in a new and better way. The training is based on cases from your everyday life. You get continuous feedback on the training from both instructors and fellow students. The programme structure and intensity makes it possible to exchange views and to network with the other participants.
Module 1 and 2 form a coherent process where you work with your own development plan and homework in between the modules.

Participants said

The programme has given me a better understanding of various managerial tools that I have subsequently been happy to have in my everyday life and use on a daily basis. The programme contributes to the fact that I have a better understanding of issues such as delegation, feedback, decision-making styles, prioritisation, GROW-model, processes of change and dealing with difficult conversations. The instructors were characterised by a high degree of knowledge of the "real world”, which helped to increase the credibility and relevance.

Who is it for?

You can be the newly appointed leader with one or two years of experience, who need to develop your own leadership style and get practical, useful leadership tools. You can also work as a specialist without being a leader and now need to get an insight into what good leadership is.

Past participants have been from the following companies: Clipper Group A/S, Grundfos A/S, Danish Spil A/S, Enemærke and Petersen A/S, Danmarks Nationalbank, TORM and Deloitte.

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