HR Business Partner

Create value for the company as HR Business Partner

Strengthen your role as HR Business Partner


As HR Business Partner you support the management in executing strategies and creating appropriate teams. By participating in this course you can strengthen your role as HR Business Partner and significantly contribute to the value creation and productivity of the business.

By working with specific cases both from your own and from other organisations you will have the opportunity of testing tools giving insight and understanding of the context between your organisation’s strategy, business and HR.

You will have the opportunity of solving specific challenges as well as networking with the other participants.

You will learn to understand your own organisation’s business strategies and the organisational Key Performance Indicators and translate them into an HR-strategy and specific HR-actions such as Performance, Talent Management and Change management.

During the course we will work with the following:

  • Analysis of the organisation’s culture and its ability to implement change
  • Business strategy and organisational ratio
  • The partner’s and “Change Agent’s” tasks and possibilities
  • Strategic workforce planning

Three modules

The course consists of 3 modules (2+2+1) in which the participants will work with their own case during and between the modules.

Module 1: The HR-role and its organisation

Your role and qualifications

Organisational analysis, Business strategy and partnership

Module 2: The company’s KPIs


Strategic workforce planning and Leadership Pipeline

Module 3: HR’s role in change

Benefits for the HR Business Partner

Your strategic understanding will increase thus helping you in your daily work as sparringpartner and Change Agent. You will be capable of translating business to HR and support the implement of strategy and change processes.


You are familiar with a broad spectrum of the HR-area from recruitment to organisation and employee development to optimisation of resources. More than likely you are already familiar with the role as HR Business Partner or HR Partner.


You must:

  • Know your JTI-profile
  • Be able to coach and give feedback
  • Know your HR-“toolbox”
  • Be able to read relevant articles in English


It is possible to acquire the CfL HR Management Certificate if you complete the following courses within 2 years:

HR Strategic Management and HR Business Partner combined with a JTI-profile and the Difficult Conversation or Conflict resolution.

It is possible to acquire the CfL HR Partner Certificate if you complete the following courses within 2 years:

HR Business Partner and HR Process Consultant combined with a JTI-profile, Career model and the Difficult conversation or Conflict resolution.