Leadership Equity Assessment™ is a tool used to quickly and effectively measure the 13 most important performance drivers in any organization. It can be used as a onetime measurement of the organization’s performance drivers, as an effect measurement or as a continuous follow-up on a team or the organization’s commitment.


The purpose of Leadership Equity Assessment™

Leadership Equity Assessment™ gives you the opportunity to:
• Diagnose performance drivers and blockers in a team or the organization
• Prioritize leadership effort in the areas with the highest value
• Discuss the team’s contribution and responsibility in regards to working conditions
• Identify organizational focus areas

You will gain practical experience with the tool during the course. Between the modules you have to complete a Leadership Equity Assessment™-training measurement as well as case work during the course. You will have the opportunity to meet other consultants and create a professional network with future Leadership Equity Assessment™-users.

The results of the Leadership Equity Assessment™-measurement creates a common ground for leaders and their team members. This can be used to identify which aspects of the daily work and collaboration should be kept as they are and which aspects need to be improved. Leadership Equity Assessment™ show a picture of the areas where the leader should develop his or her leadership skills, where the team should change their work culture or habits, and where the organizational focus in general should be to ensure efficiency and commitment.

Who can use Leadership Equity Assessment™?

Leadership Equity Assessment™ is primarily relevant for leadership and organizational consultant. It is also relevant for HR professionals, who want a tool to measure the leadership quality in the organization, as well as the working conditions the employees have to perform under; and thereby focus on the organizations Performance Management.

Who use Leadership Equity Assessment™?

Former participants have been from the following organizations: Rambøll Danmark A/S, LEO Pharma A/S, Region Hovedstaden, Ergoterapeutforeningen and SKAT.

"The advantage of LEA is the fact that it consists of only 13 questions and that focus is on leadership as well as followership. It is a tangible tool which is quick and easy to use. It challenges leaders as well as employees. We use the results for an action-oriented and focused dialogue. It creates energy and meaning for me and for the employees”

- Anne Skanderby, Chief Consultant, IDA

How do I gain access to Leadership Equity Assessment™?

The course is a certification course, which certifies you to do Leadership Equity Assessment™-processes for team leaders who have not used Leadership Equity Assessment™ before.

It is structures as a 1½ day course. As Leadership Equity Assessment™ consists of only 13 questions you will quickly learn the questionnaire. The primary focus will therefore be on the background for the Leadership Equity Assessment™-tool and the process behind the measurement. The course will provide you with practical experience in using the tool through a training measurement between the modules and case work throughout the course. This will ensure that you are well-equipped to plan, implement and master Leadership Equity Assessment™-measurements and the following dialogue about the results.

With CfL’s new agency service you do not need to have a Leadership Equity Assessment™-certified person in your organization. CfL’s advisors read back the results to the leaders, which equips the leaders to have dialogues with their teams on which work aspects and collaboration aspects should be kept and which should be improved.

What is the price of Leadership Equity Assessment™?


Members: DKK 14.400,00 excl. VAT / Others: DKK 16.900,00 excl. VAT