OTS – CfL Personality Profile – 6 factor

The Course

To participate in the authorisation course, you are required to have participated in and passed the Business Testing course, module 1 and 2, at CfL.

Before the OTS authorisation course, you are required to have performed five exercise conversations.

On the day of authorisation, you work with experience exchange with the other course participants, common interpretation as well as response exercises. You will be taught how to interpret profiles
and exercise feedback conversations.

After finishing the course, you are qualified and certified to use the personality test OTS.

Tool Measurements

OTS clarifies the test person’s preferences using six fundamental personality features, which according to their needs in recruitment situations have been selected in cooperation with a group of Danish senior staff managers.

OTS consists of a questionnaire with 68 word pairs, and the test person is asked to select one of the words in each word pair (obligatory), supplemented with four open questions about the test person’s professional and personal strengths and weaknesses.

How to use the tool

Based upon the test, a conversation takes place and the result gives the opportunity to present hypotheses and questions regarding the personal features which are to be clarified and elaborated in a dialogue with the test person.

The result shows how the test person prioritises the six personality features, compared to how other former test persons usually prioritise these features. Thus, you get a person profile which clearly reveals the characteristics of the test person.

By comparing the person profile of the six personality features to the answers from the open questions, you are given the opportunity to repeat the person’s statement, thus enabling yourself to ask more specific, comprehensive questions.

OTS may be used separately, i.e. as the only test in a selection process, but it is considered a great advantage to combine it with one or more of CfL’s skill and consideration tests when an objective
of specific skills is needed.

OTS is very suitable when employing trainees or young office workers, or when a long and comprehensive personality test is considered to be too extensive.

What is in it for me?

OTS provides you with a simple and neat outline of the test person’spersonality, and thus helps in standardising and making your recruitment interviews more efficient.