Prolog - Leading without formal authority

Managers without formal authority, but who manage teams, projects, processes or tasks

To understand and practice leadership, be aware of own role and behavior, increase effectiveness and execute with clear purpose and targets and in collaboration with others.


The course will strengthen the participant’s knowledge of the following main areas:

• Personal value work, including the definition of the framework of own management style

• Personal effectiveness including daily priority and planning

• Communication, including motivational communication

• Co-operation, including good agreements and handling conflicts

After the course, the participants will be able to articulate themselves and set boundaries for own management style through increased impact, overview and stronger agreements. In addition, all participants will be able to involve learning styles and use the board game “Værdilemma” to increase a group’s mutual knowledge and performance in their own teams.

Basic – day 1: Expectations. Communication and learning style. Own leadership. Role and playing field. Situational Leadership (intro).
Values – day 2: Value-based management. Explore possible values. Demonstrate own values. Feedback, giving and receiving feedback.
Efficiency – day 3:
Prioritisation and risk management. Proactive planning. Roles and renewable energy.
Communication – day 4:
Content design. Target audience and media choices. Meetings and key pitch speeches. Easy visualizations.
Collaboration – day 5: Clarification and agreements. Conflicts and personality types. Organisation and team management.