The BigFive personality test is generally recognized as the best method to describe a person’s preferences for future behavior. The test is based on data collected over three decades. The 360° report describes precisely which type of behavior a person will demonstrate according to the relevant skills needed in a specific job.

Behavior measured by personality test, input from close colleagues and self-assessment.


The purpose of Reflector BigFive 2.1 & 360° evaluation?

You will be certified in using both tools during the course. This makes you equipped to master different types of conversations focusing on behavior using one or both tools. BigFive is constructed of 144 questions and 360° routinely works with 43 skills within customer service, leadership, initiative, entrepreneurship etc., which helps you to gain a deeper insight and nuanced picture of the candidate. BigFive is available in 25 languages and 360° in 15 languages.

After the course you will be able to send out questionnaires, extract data and analyze the reports, as well as master conversations based on the reports.


Who can use Reflector BigFive 2.1 & 360° evaluation?

The BigFive & 360° tools and course are primarily relevant for HR Professionals, Development Consultants, Leadership Coaches and Psychologists. It can also be relevant for persons working with:

  • Performance management
  • Leadership
  • Skill development 
  • Career development
  • Talent Management


Who use Reflector BigFive 2.1 & 360° evaluation?

Former participants have been from:

Trustpilot, Telia, Telenor.

"The course is particularly suitable for our Danish as well as our international recruitments and development tasks. With 25 languages and 43 skills, we are able to cover almost every position/candidate/employee at an international level."

Frederik Nielsen HR Business Partner, Cembrit Holding


How can I get access to Reflector BigFive 2.1 & 360° evaluation?

In order to participate in the certification course, it is required that you have participated in and passed the Business Testing Course at CfL, unless you have the basic course in tests from Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, SHL or Cubiks.

The certification course will have a duration of 2 days + 1 day, and requires that you work with the tools between the modules.

What is the price of Reflector BigFive 2.1 & 360° evaluation?


Members: DKK 16.900,00 excl. VAT / Others: DKK 19.900,00 excl. VAT