Skills and Ability Testing

Tool Measurement:

CfLs battery of  Ability Testing Profiles consists of a number of instruments, which measure various, specific skills as well as analytical abilities.

The skill tests measure acquired skills in solving basic analytical assignments such as numerical skills, language skills and diligence.

The reasoning tests measure a person’s ability to analyze assignments that are more complex and use the analytical results to find the correct answer.

The tests consist of items based on reasoning and analytical abilities, common knowledge, numerical understanding perception of space, vocabulary, and attention skills. Both types
of tests provide you with a result, which shows you how well the person can solve the given assignments in comparison to a relevant norm group

The CfLs Ability Testing Profiles include the following instruments

Perception test measures a person’s thoroughness and shows the level of accuracy and speed in perceiving   digits as well as letters within a time limit.

The Vocabulary Test measures a person’s span of vocabulary and understanding of language.

Mathematical test I & II present a number of specific math assignments. The assignments are at the level of 9th/10th grade with increasing difficulty level.

The Spelling Test shows the test persons spelling skills.

Reasoning I (theoretical) consists of a problem-solving task that measures a person’s verbal, numerical and spatial analytical abilities.

Reasoning II (practical) tests the level of problem-solving, spelling,
attention span and common knowledge.

The Connector Ability Test is a cognitive ability test.The test measures the general intelligence of a candidate. It measures general intelligence by 3 different sorts of questions. These are:
Inductive Reasoning, Matrices and Number Sequences.

General intelligence can give a good idea of the way a person will react to certain situations in a job. The Connector Ability Tests is often used for preselection of candidates who will be invited to come to the subsequent selection procedure of an organization

The certification course for the CfLs Ability Battery is a two days course that introduces the battery and
the instruments it consists of. The course also give access to use the Connector Ability aptitude test

How to use the tools

If you are to select the right person to a job which requires analytical skills and reasoning , it is important to specify exactly which kind of analytical level is needed in this job. And thus, you select the relevant test(s).

The skill tests are typically used in connection with employment and selection of trainees, as well as warehouse, production and office staff.

The Reasoning tests are generally used in connection with employment and selection of office workers, specialists and managers. The Reasoning test is available in two versions, which look
alike, but one test is to a certain degree meant for employees doing more practical work

What is in it for me?

The instruments in the CfL Aptitude Battery are in general good indicators regarding a person’s aptness to a specific job. This type of tools is found in a certain group of tests which are distinct by showing a high level of predicable validation, even when a job analysis (display of which competencies are relevant in the job) is not taking place (Kahlke and Schmidt, 2003).