Strategic Leadership

for the experienced and ambitious manager

Challenging executive training for the ambitious and experienced manager who wishes to develop his strategic leadership competencies and be inspired to find new perspectives to the role of manager.

In Strategic Leadership we work with leadership development that ensures results

Your development as a leader and your company's development are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, in the Strategic Leadership training programme we have linked the two closely together. We focus our attention on the work with your own and your company's development from a strategic business perspective. Throughout the course we work intensively on developing your managerial qualifications. In addition, your ability to make decisions on the basis of concrete business problems will be challenged. The course trains you in strategic leadership.

Key words in the training programme

  • Leadership development for experienced managers
  • Strategic leadership
  • Business development
  • Development of your role as manager
  • Change management and communication
  • Work with concrete challenges from your day-to-day work

The Strategic leadership programme is also available in Danish and Norweigian - read more

Participants speak out:

Heidi Pedersen, Topdanmark Forsikring A/S deltager på CfLs Strategisk lederskab

It is an effective course through which I acquire new tools and methods for describing, challenging and establishing consistency in relation to myself and my own company and, not least, my strategic project. The best proof that the course has had the desired effect on me was on the day before my accreditation when my employer told me that he could clearly see from my performance, my approach and my communication that I had completed the course.

Customer Centre Manager Heidi Pedersen, Topdanmark Forsikring A/S

Contact us if you would like to apply for admission to the programme and enter into a dialogue on the extent to which the programme matches you and your company.

For the first time, we are also offering CfL's leadership development programme Strategic Leadership to entire management groups.

Strategic Leadership for management groups gives you the opportunity to, first of all, develop yourselves as managers and, secondly, to develop together as a management group. You will follow the programme along with 2 other management groups. This gives you the opportunity of leadership development and benchmarking at several levels.

Varde Forsyning A/S’s management group was one of the first to participate in the programme along with another management group. Read about their experiences below.

Michael Brandt, Varde Forsyning A/S deltog på CfLs Strategisk Lederskab for ledergrupper

The programme gave us: A common language and point of departure for our strategy. An opportunity to work with our development as a management group. An assurance that our strategy won't sand up. An additional dimension was that we participated along with another management group and thus got the opportunity to benchmark with them.

CEO Michael Brandt, Varde Forsyning A/S

Contact us for a no-obligation dialogue on the opportunities available for leadership development. We offer the course to entire management groups on attractive terms.

Complete the form "Apply" if you would like to apply for admission to the programme. We will always have an in-depth discussion with you before you can enrol for the programme.

Strategic Leadership is part of the CfL Business Certificate.