The new manager

The New Manager is an investment in your skills and preparation for becoming an excellent new Manager.

Get off to a good start
The new manager Programme creates a unique foundation for those who are relatively new managers, or those who have not participated in management programmes before. You get a solid foundation to develop yourself, your employees and your results.

Good leadership is the most sound approach to good results. Management is the ability to achieve results through and with others. It is your way to exercise leadership on the fundamental assumption that your team can manage its activities and achieve their goals.

A good leader is able to strike a balance between focusing on individual developments and business developments.

The New Manager is part of the CfL Leadership Certificate

This holistic approach is integrated into The New Management Programme in a unique process where you get:

  • A new and profound perspective on the management role
  • A deeper insight into your own talents and challenges as a Manager
  • Training in fundamental management competencies, starting with your everyday challenges
  • Knowledge, skills and attitude to exercise good leadership
  • A developing network with other managers in the same position and situation as yourself

Benefits to you and your organization

Power Boost

You will get the skills that are crucial to your success as a new Manager. Within the framework of specific managerial challenges you get the tools which will enable you to work with coaching, situational leadership, communication, feedback, difficult conversations, team management, conflict management and change management. You will be more aware of your personal goals, the challenges and talents as a leader. The New Manager will provide you with a secure foundation for you to rely on while you become more conscious of your development and your aspirations for your future career.

Stronger focus on the interaction of Business and Human Resources

You work diligently with methods and tools to develop your competences and to optimise interaction with employees, colleagues and managers. Your ability to prioritise and balance tensions between employees, the organisation itself and your own ambitions, so you can achieve the managerial skills in order to develop and change and constantly be prepared for the future.

Networking with other new managers

You meet other managers in the same situation as yourself, and we work consciously to create deep relationships so you can inspire, assist and challenge one another even when the development process is over.

Fundamental Factors for excellent management skills

CfL has for over 50 years worked with the development of leaders, our experience and constant focus on the optimising of our development programmes is your guarantee of a lasting benefit.

Fundamental factors for the New Manager are: 

  • The New Manager in the leadership role – insight into the role as Manager and how you can fulfill it 
  • Be an authentic Manager and be able to influence within your organisation
  • Your ideal and real self-image - increased self-insight and clarification of your personal goals 
  • Learning close to reality - based on your own leadership challenges
  • Your personal leadership development plan - generating new skills and motivation   
  • Networking and coaching - supportive relationships along the way, and after the development process

The New Manager


You meet the other participants and teachers and then you are presented with the contents and methods. We match the expectations. You receive feedback on the development tool JTI, which clarifies your preferences and challenges in interaction with others.

Module 1: The leadership role and management of employees

The goal of module 1 is to give you an overview of the management role and provide you with tools to manage and develop your employees. We work with:  

  • your personal and managerial impact and how to strengthen it 
  • effective communication 
  • the Manager as a coach 
  • Situational Leadership 
  • motivation and career motives

Module 2: Management of teams 

The goal of module 2 is to increase your ability to both lead and be a part of a team. In addition, your willingness and ability to make decisions as a leader will be strengthened. We work with:

  • team development – development stages 
  • feedback – to give and receive feedback 
  • conflict management 
  • preparation of personal development plan

Module 3: Management of difficult situations

The goal of module 3 is to give you tools to handle difficult management situations and to promote the understanding of the role and responsibilities your role has in relation to the overall mission and vision of the company. You analyze your own part of the organisation, working with sustainable vision and highlighting the action plan to ensure development when you return to the organisation. We work with:

  • understanding of business 
  • change management 
  • the difficult conversation 
  • strengthening of your own development issues through coaching


The framework for your future network are determined by you and the other participants, and you share experiences on the implementation of your personal development plan.

Individual Development

Parallel with mutual progress each participant will work on individual development. You will then receive feedback on your JTI type and career profile.

Both is to give you a greater understanding of your own preferences and drive in everyday life, and to acquire a greater understanding of reaction patterns while interacting with your team, your manager, your customers and the organisation as a whole.  

Between Modules

Between the modules you will be challenged with tasks that are based on the various tools and concepts that you have been introduced to during the course. Your new knowledge will very quickly translate into your managerial style, all the while getting continuous experience you can translate into results.