As a member of the board of directors, you are part of the company’s executive committee and are therefore responsible for adding value to the company. Gain insight into the responsibility which follows from being a member of the board of directors. To be appointed a seat on the board of directors is a declaration of trust which requires a fundamental understanding for your responsibility and the framework the board navigates in. During this course you will gain insight into how you can get results using your work for the board at the board meetings and by collaborating with the company’s top management.

What will you gain from participating in “the Value-added Work for the Board”?

Through the course the Value-added Work for the Board, you will gain insight into the role as board member, the complexity of the work as well as the different areas of work within the board of directors. The course also covers how to secure your work for the board is in compliance with the Companies Act. You will gain knowledge of specific tools which, together with a necessary understanding of finance including the ability to read and understand annual accounts and key numbers, will ensure you are prepared for the role as a member of the board of directors. This will make you better equipped to manage your seat at the board and at the same time expand your personal skill set. An important part of the work for the board of directors is to secure the “right” strategy for the company. This means developing a functioning strategy for the company and at the same time securing that top management complies with the instructions given by the board of directors. The strategy is the most important tool for the board of directors, which is evident in the fact that in later years it has been more of a focus point in the boardrooms. By possessing the most basic competencies for working as a board member you are more likely to add value and by this secure the necessary success for the company. The course will use instructors from CfL as well as external instructors from the business community to ensure theoretical as well as practical insight.


  • Responsibility and framework for the board of directors
  • Impartiality and confidentiality
  • Active use of business procedures and matching of expectations
  • Board meetings, agendas and summaries/negotiation protocol
  • Annual accounts and annual reports
  • General meeting
  • Annual cycle for the board of directors
  • Corporate governance
  • The board of directors and strategy
  • The value-adding collaboration within the board of directors
  • Case work
  • The board of directors’ 15 minutes and how to use it

Timeline for the course

The course is divided into 3 intense days to achieve a broad and value-adding understanding of the work for the board of directors. We switch between presentations, cases, discussions and focus on personal learning to use in one’s own work for the board. The first two days are an overnight session at an external location included in the price for the course. The last session of the course is held at CfL in Copenhagen. Active involvements from the participants are expected on the 3 days of the course and in the form of homework. The course is relevant for new as well as experienced board members who wish to brush up on their board work.  

What is the price of The Value-adding Work for the Board

Members: DKK 25.000,-excl. VAT / Others: DKK 27.000,- excl. VAT  

The price includes catering and materials for participants.