Focus on your role as chairman or vice chairman for the board of directors. Increase performance in the board of directors and in the collaboration between the board of directors and top management. Enhance your competencies as chairman and thereby the opportunity to add more value to the company, and gain tools to establish a common ground.

What will you gain from participating in “the Value-adding Chairmanship”

The course is based on the annual cycle for the board of directors and focuses on how it is possible as chairman to obtain the ideal collaboration between the board of directors and top management. We will explore how to clarify your role as chairman and explore the areas in which you can become even better. As chairman you have a facilitating role between top management and the board of directors. However, because the chairman only has the mandate given by the board of directors it can be appropriate to master different tools to support this collaboration. The chairman is responsible for ensuring the right competencies within the board of directors. This course, therefore, focuses on competence profiles of the board members (including decision styles) and how to recruit the right candidates for the work in the board. Evaluation of the board of directors is an important tool in this line of work, and we focus on how to use the information from the evaluation to optimize the collaboration within the board of directors. The course will use instructors as well as external chairmen from the business community to ensure theoretical as well as practical insight.


  • The role of the chairman
  • The annual cycle as a strategic tool for planning (the chairman’s tasks)
  • Strategical work
  • The new board of directors: How do we become a team?
  • Business procedures and matching of expectations
  • Communication internal and external
  • Collaboration in the chairmanship
  • Management of meetings and protocol
  • Collaboration with top management
  • Interaction between the board of directors and top management
  • Annual accounts and annual report
  • Evaluation of the board of directors and competence profile
  • General meeting
  • The board of directors’ 15 minutes and how to use it

Timeline of the course

The course is divided into 3 intense days to achieve insight into the tasks and responsibilities connected with the chairmanship. We switch between presentations, cases, discussions and personal learning to use in one’s own work for the board. The first two days are an overnight session at an external location included in the price for the course. The last session of the course is held at CfL in Copenhagen. Active involvements from the participants are expected on the 3 days of the course and in the form of homework between the two sessions. The course is relevant for new as well as experienced chairmen who wish to brush-up on their work for the board. 

What is the price of The Value-adding Chairmanship

Members: DKK 31.000,-excl. VAT / Others: DKK 33.000,- excl. VAT  

The price includes catering and materials for participants.