Virtual leadership

New managers as well as managers with 2-5 years of experience

Learn how to be a present manager across time and distance.
At this course we will focus on the specific areas where leadership is being challenged because of the distance, and we will sharpen your skills in these areas.

Your communication, your appointments, decision-making, and operational processes have to be clear and more precise than usual. You will have to create the necessary confidence and trust between you and your employees.


More and more managers do not have daily contact with their employees who are physically located elsewhere in the country, abroad or have home offices.
It requires more from you as a manager to create and maintain good relations with your employees.
The course focuses on and provides answers to the following questions:

• What is the virtual Leadership?
• Challenges facing managers with employees who are located elsewhere.
• Where and how to sharpen my virtual leadership?
• How do I set the direction for my virtual leadership?
• What framework do I have for my virtual leadership?
• How and with what media do we communicate?
• What is the most important next step in the development of my virtual leadership?