Your personal leadership

Your personal leadership - Because your personality is your most important leadership tool

Think about the best manager you have ever met. What differentiated his/her leadership from average leadership?

It was hardly his CV or rank that made him your role model – it was more likely his leadership – his ability to use himself in order to bring out the best in others and by that achieve the best results.

Benefits from the course

After completion of the course you will do the following different; pause for a moment and choose the most effective approach from the four factors: the task/assignment, the situation, the person and the relationship – rather than acting as usual.

You will then be capable of defining your main task as a manager, analyse the situation and the employee’s need of leadership as well as decoding the social dynamics of people and groups including your own role.


  • Individual profile of your relationship behaviour and social needs 
  • Clarification of your values and your drive in being a manager 
  • Insight into your personal style as a manager 
  • Trustworthy communication
  • Training in giving and receiving feedback 
  • Motivation of employees 
  • Insight into team development and dynamics in teams 
  • Individual coaching 
  • Individual development plan