Specialists in leadership and safety collaborate to develop unique programme

Bringing its range of validated leadership tools and business psychology concepts to the table, CfL co-created with DONG E&P in the development of a training programme for Offshore Company Representatives (CoReps) – a programme that also holds great potential for use in other industries.

The newly developed CoRep training programme, designed for DONG Exploration & Production’s representatives on drilling rigs and ships in the North Sea, focuses on enabling leaders to ensure the efficient collaboration of partners and subcontractors without compromising workplace safety. The multifaceted training programme also holds great potential for use in other industries.

The programme includes training in leadership tools, personal insight and business psychology concepts. Implementing the tools includes role playing exercises and on-site coaching. Afterwards, a CfL-facilitated network is established for discussing the CoReps’ experiences working with the tools.

Preparations before the course instruction and training include a 360 degree measurement of their leadership skills and an individual conversation with one of CfL’s business psychologists for all participants. During the training programme, participants focus on a set of individual learning goals. These goals are incorporated into the casework and coaching that is then offered on-site or remotely via the iPads that are included as a part of the programme materials.

The elements of the 11-day training programme include internationally validated tools and business psychology concepts that reflect CfL’s holistic approach, which encompasses education, counselling and networking. CfL’s contributions to the CoRep training programme were carefully selected and combined with DONG E&P’s wishes and high standard of safety for the CoReps’ work in the North Sea.

CfL’s validated tools and concepts used in the training programme:

  • Prologue. Part of the open course calendar in connection with CfL’s Leadership Pipeline and the development of leaders at all levels of management.
  • Situational Leadership®II
  • Decision Dynamics Decision StylesTM
  • Coaching
  • Questioning techniques
  • Conflict prevention
  • Handling emotions
  • Cultural engagement


Yvonne Duval Thomsen, company consultant:

“During the run-up to the training programme, we map out the participants’ leadership skills and their personal goals of the training programme are defined as Individual Learning Objectives, ILO. These play an important role during the training and when participants return to their daily work.”

Ulrik Ramsing, senior consultant:

“The programme’s great success is largely due to the participants themselves. Within the framework of the programme’s design and first deployments, they have worked actively in workshops and interviews to choose tools and cases to reflect their daily work.”

Belinda Lange, senior consultant:

“As a coach, I have followed the participants in their work on the North Sea after completion of the programme. It is impressive to see how good they have become at using the leadership tools and how they have developed as people and as leaders.”