To strengthen the organisation’s value creation

For 100 years, CfL has been working to ensure better leadership, because leadership is the single-most important factor for competitiveness, productivity and growth. We are experts at quickly understanding the managers’ and the organisation’s current situation. Our methods are continually subject to internal quality control. We take a holistic approach to the task. In other words, we are determined to ensure that what we help to create has a place in the overall picture. CfL’s consultancy is based on research-based methods which are continually being revised through our close dialogue with Denmark’s most forward-looking leaders. We insist on close cooperation with the company’s management because this is the only way of creating lasting results.

Consultancy and sparring with company management

Our consultants possess the most expertise and experience within:

  • Strategy clarification
  • Strategy implementation
  • Mobilising employees
  • Leadership development
  • HR law consultancy
  • Establishing a management basis

Each consultant possesses core competences in a few leadership tools, for example Scenario Techniques, Blue Ocean, Strategic Gearing, Self-evaluation, Assessment, Lean, Excellence, Performance Management, Acknowledging Leadership, Feedback, Coaching, Typology, Cultural Analysis, Motivation, Decision-making Style, Management Group and Leadership Equity. We allocate resources according to the core competencies which are required.

Why use CfL as your leadership partner?
CfL counts among the professional elite in Denmark for corporate and leadership development. We have at our disposal a large community of consultants who function as collaborating specialists. These consultants are permanently employed by CfL to ensure a consistently methodical approach. This is our guarantee for high quality. We continually draw on the expertise of international partners and leading knowledge producers from Danish and foreign universities.

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