The focus is on learning and development when you take part in a network at CfL.

As a networker at CfL you automatically become a part of the strongest leadership environment in Denmark; obviously, we focus on leadership and leadership development, including access to the most current knowledge and experiences. Additionally, the networks are personal and corporate spaces for inspiration of opinion- and knowledge-sharing, sparring, and not the least, a significant opportunity to create relations to other networkers.

Three good reasons for companies to have leading employees in networks

1. Development of organisation and business – through the sharing of knowledge and experiences from other organisations, you are offered inspiration to the development of your own organisation.

2.Development of leaders of the organisation – through reflection, dialogue and sparring, the leaders develop their own role as leader.

3.Development of vision and insight – through confidential relationships to other branches and functions create insight to other potential strategic approaches.

Our network consultants are educated to run and develop networks, and they all make use of their work experience in the networks. Each network commonly arrange meetings 4-5 times annually, often with one or more 24-hour-meetings which provide more time to explore subjects or get to know each other better.

In addition to the company consultant, every network is linked to Network Assistant who will take care of all administration connected to the network and its activities.

Next step

If you wish to learn more, you can find the perfect network for you here. You can also learn more about meeting schedules, prices and contact information. Don´t hesitate to contact us.