CfL’s Leadership Pipeline covers the entire spectrum within leadership development – from modular single topic learning, to leadership courses for new managers and managers without formal authority, and finally comprehensive executive leadership programmes.

CfL’s Leadership Pipeline covers all leadership development levels. It is based on the principle that when a manager moves from one level to another across the organization there is a need of developing a different set of management skills. CfL’s Leadership Pipeline is based on international and validated leadership tools and instruments customized the specific level of management role. Companies using CfL’s Leadership Pipeline are ensured that:

  • Managers gain a common language, method and approach to leadership.
  • Managers successfully make the transition in management roles whether it being upwards or across the organisation.
  • Leadership development benefits both the company and the individual.
  • The quality of the leadership development is enhanced at different levels in the company by means of coherent and simultaneous initiatives.

figur Leadership pipeline


HR Pipeline

The “backbone” of CfL’s HR Pipeline consists of courses within five HR-functions: HR Strategic leadership, HR Business Partner, HR Process Consultant, HR Consultant and HR Service. These functions all daily support the business and organisation on issues as common identity and culture, control mechanisms, change and development as well as leadership quality. Attending these courses provides you with training and confidence in dealing with the various challenges HR are facing.

The CfL HR Pipeline also provides:

  • Leadership Instruments, Certification courses in psychometric tools required by HR for recruitment, talent development and performance management.
  • HR-tools each providing training and insight into basic HR-functions such as HR-law, The difficult conversation or Conflict resolution.
  • Feedback sessions, giving you insight into your JTI-type or career motives.

figur HR Pipeline